garden construction
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The way gardens can be constructed is virtually limitless. Straight lines, curved lines or a combination of both may be used. Garden edging may vary from timber or brick edging to raised garden beds using low retaining walls.

Mass planting can be very effective and give a dramatic effect in gardens. You will need to consider plant heights for a layered look and pay attention not only to flower colours but also to the colour of the leaves when planting out. Other considerations include how much water different plants will require, how much maintenance they will need and what animal life they will attract.

Please also take into account whether plants will tolerate frost if there are in a frost affected area , how quickly they may grow and whether they spread and reshoot quickly. The cost of your garden will vary according to how advanced the plants are.

For an instant garden advanced plants can be spectacular but if you are happy for your garden to grow over time younger plants can be more economical.

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